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The Premium Cigar Association of South Africa




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The Premium Cigar Association of South Africa

South Africa's Largest & Most Exclusive Members-Only Cigar Association


● Premium Cigars offers a personalised cigar delivery service directly to your front door at your home or office every week including after hours delivery

There is no need for you to visit a store only to find that they don't have stock of what you are looking for. By becoming a member of Premium Cigars this problem will be eliminated since we have an unmatched range and stock availability.


● Your orders are kept at perfect humidity and temperature until delivered

Every cigar lover knows the importance of keeping cigars at the ideal humidity levels and temperature. We go out of our way to ensure that your orders are kept in perfect condition until you take delivery and place it in your own humidor.


● We offer expert advice and a passion for cigars

Most shop assistants at tobacconists don't even smoke cigars themselves. We are not only knowledgeable about cigars but enjoy it ourselves. Who better to buy from then someone that shares your passion!


● We can deliver all of the top brands available in South Africa

We have access to ample stock from the importers and suppliers in South Africa. 


● All brands are 100% Authentic

We do not sell fakes neither do we buy stock from any supplier that is not a legal importer of tobacco products in South Africa.


● Our prices are comparable to what you will pay at any tobacconist in Gauteng

Not only do we offer similar pricing as what you are used to pay, but we offer the added benefit that we will personally deliver your cigars in perfect condition as well as the option of having your cigars delivered after hours.


● By law we cannot offer online sales

It is clearly stated in the Tobacco Legislation of South Africa that online sales are not allowed under South African Law. When joining Premium Cigars and becoming a member we will be able to confirm that you are over the age of 21 and then offer cigars to you by direct delivery as a tabacco retailer and not an online merchant.


● Health warnings

We adhere to the legal requirements that all tobacco products must have health warnings. All the products we offer will have the necessary health warnings in place as required under South African Law.


● We do not support underage smoking

We at Premium Cigars are firm believers that smoking is a choice that should be made by consenting adults only.  We, together with the largest part of the Tobacco Industry, support the government's future plans to increase the legal age for the purchasing of tobacco products to 18. Although the law currently states that the legal age is 16 we do not offer membership to any person under the age of 21.



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The Premium Cigar Association of South Africa

Sizes, Shapes & Colours Guide Chart Free!

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How cigars are made

9 Part Video Series

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Top Brands in SA


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Cigar Delivery Service


Directly to your front door!


● Fast delivery throughout South Africa ●


● Kept at perfect humidity & temperature ●


● No need to visit busy shopping centres ●


● Unmatched range & stock availability ●


● We can deliver your brand of choice ●


● Delivered to your home or office ●


● All brands are 100% authentic ●


● Guaranteed deliveries ●


● No delays in delivery ●


● No damaged parcels ●


● Guaranteed service ●


● Expert advice ●


●  Top Cigar Brands in South Africa ●

Alec Bradley / Bolivar / Cohiba / Gurkha

H. Upmann / Hoyo de Monterrey / Montecristo

Nub / Padrón / Partagás / Punch / Trinidad

Romeo y Julieta / Vegas Robaina / Oliva


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Cigar deliveries in RSA.

Deliveries Every Week in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Natal, Free State & The Whole of the Cape Province. 


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The Premium Cigar Association

of South Africa supports:

Youth Smoking Prevention











The Premium Cigar Association of Gauteng

Personalised Cigar Deliveries in Johannesburg, Pretoria & the whole of South Africa.

South Africa's Largest & Most Exclusive Members-Only Cigar Association

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